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newspaper subscription experiment

Back in November I subscribed to a few newspapers, the theory being that paying for a newspaper was the only way to save journalism, and thus democracy. Instead of choosing one, I just subscribed to them all, figuring I could sort it all out later. Here we are, a few months later, with the introductory rates expired, and it’s time to evaluate which of our contestants can advance to the next round. Our entrants are the New York Times, the Washington Post, and the Wall Street Journal.

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an enchanted forest fable

One day you wake up, infused with the entrepreneurial spirit. Enthused even. The time has come to bring forth your vision of a better future. You hike up the road to magic mountain to meet the wizard. Impressed with your spark, he gives you his blessing and so you go to work. Soon, your dream will become reality. Banana peeling as a service.

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top of the market puts

There have been a number of experts warning that the stock market is due for a crash. There’s always people saying that, but it seems to have picked up since the summer. I don’t know anything about this; my crystal ball was stolen by a dark elf. But the possibility of a sharp decline is what makes the rest of this post interesting.

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the future is arriving too fast

Because I am old, sometimes instead of watching new original content, I want to watch old preexisting content which is not available on Netflix or any other streaming service. Fortunately, there is a solution. Netflix also has a service which will mail me plastic circles that I can watch by putting them in my plastic circle player. I can manage the queue of such circles by using my browser. Ah, the wonders of technology.

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Indego - Philly bike share review

Joining the ranks of bike share programs in other cities, Indego is Philadelphia’s version. The basic concept is the same and pretty simple. You check out a bicycle from one of many kiosks located about the city, ride around, then return it to an empty dock when done. The program is manufactured by B-cycle but owned by Philadelphia; it’s similar but not identical to programs in other cities, such as Austin or Denver.

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funding topologies

“Startup culture starting to resemble a pyramid that has folded in on itself, exploring funding topologies Ponzi never dreamed of” - Pinboard

Funding topology is definitely a subject worthy of further research.

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the language of money

From the New Yorker, Money Talks - Learning the language of finance. For a little while I thought this article was going somewhere, but as I read more I decided I don’t like it much at all. It positions itself as piercing the veil of obscurity surrounding financial and economic jargon, but then ultimately contributes even more confusion to the field.

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disrupting innovation theory

Some thoughts on The Disruption Machine. I only just read it, but apparently I’m late to the party. I can’t help but think it’s funny that writing up a review of an article three days before it’s publication counts as too late. (I think it arrived on Wednesday, I read it yesterday at lunch, and today I’m writing. I apologize for my tardiness.)

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the wrong way to beg for money

Because it’s summer and therefore nice and warm (or terribly, impossibly warm) out, I go outside and walk around the city. Because it’s a city, that means people ask me for money. Sometimes it’s grizzled old men sitting on a stoop. Sometimes it’s chipper young people who jump in front of me. Guess which group this post is about.

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Having lunch today in Startup Valley, breathing in the entrepreneurship and prepping my elevator pitches. Here’s my latest startup idea: Whiskme.

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erroneous delayed shipment notification

Not really a failing of the email format, but of its contents. Last weekend I ordered a new iPhone for my dad. It was supposed to arrive today. Yesterday, Apple sends me an email that it’s going to ship soon and will arrive next week. That’s no good. I call Apple and talk to a real person on the phone, who confirms the phone is in Apple’s warehouse, they’re going to ship it real soon now, and I should expect it next week. That’s too late, so I cancel the order, but it’s too late for that too, so instead it’s converted to a return request. Today the phone arrived after all. What a waste of time and frustration.

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i disregard your request

I hate Sprint with the burning fury of a thousand suns, but I have to admit their latest ad series featuring James Earl Jones and Malcolm McDowell is fantastic. My favorite is Steve’s Facebook Post.

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price discriminatory reviews

Yesterday Amazon offered up as their deal of the day this 31 disc boxed set of Harry Potter movies for the bargain price of $250, compared to the list price of $500 or the $345 they are selling it for today. I was disappointed not to find the weight listed in the product description, but spent a little time poking around the customer reviews. Unlike newspaper comments, even I sometimes find user contributed reviews interesting or helpful.

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gnome squad

I happened to be in Best Buy today and noticed the computer department had sprouted a little Google Chromebook booth next to the Apple section. It was manned by a Google shirt and badge wearing dude, kind of a hybrid Geek Squad Apple Genius type, by way of Middle-earth. Whatever, people can look however they like. He did, however, have the whole super nerd speech thing down. Not just the language but the tone radiated the extremely smug, slightly condescending attitude that I’ve previously only encountered in Hollywood depictions, never real life. And I’ve dealt with some pretty nerdy types. As for the Pixel he was pimping, his main point was that it has the highest resolution laptop screen in the world (technically arguable) and how the Pixel could natively display 4k video (not even close to true), before trying to say it was both a computer and a tablet and could run the apps for both (too vague to be entirely falsifiable). To say the least, the shopping demographic in this particular South Philly Best Buy did not find him particularly endearing. He made it clear he didn’t work for the store (if you want to buy anything, talk to somebody in a blue shirt), but if he’s somebody’s idea of a product ambassador, relations between humans and halflings are not looking good.
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