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razer blade stealth

I tried out a new laptop.


I’m actually very happy with my 2015 Thinkpad X1 Carbon. But as I slowly adopt more USB-C devices, I would like to consolidate on that as a charger format. USB-C laptops have been available for a while, but in the wake of meltdown, I saw no reason to purchase anything that wasn’t fixed. Finally, my gaming desktop is also in a satisfactory but aging state, and the possibility to replace it with a laptop and eGPU is enticing.

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light screens vs dark screens

How best to use a computer at night?

One approach, with a fair bit of cross platform support these days, is to color shift the screen, reducing white balance to eliminate blue light. This way your brain doesn’t get all confused about the time and you can sleep later. That’s great, but a bright yellow light is still a bright light.

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surface pro

Decided to go full dark side. A few notes about the new Surface Pro and my setup. Until yesterday Amazon was telling me that my order would ship on the 15th to arrive perhaps next week, but then miraculously it shipped and arrived all in the same day. So about a day of playing with it.

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samsung chromebook plus

Apple announced a new iPad today, so I bought a chromebook. Actually, I bought it a few days ago; it just happened to arrive today. It’s a 2 in 1 flip around touchscreen tablet laptop all in wonder. I’ve been doing a lot of reading recently on my other chromebook, but sometimes I wish the keyboard would just go away. And when I’m reading on an iPad, I wish I had a keyboard. Technology is all about convergence, right? Bring on the singularity.

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using yubikeys everywhere

Everybody is getting real excited about yubikeys recently, so I figured I should get excited, too. I have so far resisted two factor authorizing everything, but this seemed like another fun experiment. There’s a lot written about yubikeys and how you should use one, but nothing I’ve read answered a few of the specific questions I had.

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Samsung 960 EVO

Thought I was happy with my gaming PC, but there was a Steam sale, and suddenly 256GB just doesn’t stretch as far as it used to. Even purchasing only a few games per year, at 20GB or so each, that’s not much. Looking for a bit of future longevity, decided to make the switch from SATA to NVMe. Best drive on the market is probably the Samsung 960 PRO. Saved some money by going with the EVO line, which might be the best value.

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2016 computer review

Where are they now followup review for some computers, some from before 2016 even. Three sets of three computers.

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watt time is left

So Apple no longer knows how to make a battery meter. The good news is OpenBSD is still here for all your desktop needs. How does its battery meter work?

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chromebook printing troubles

I have a chromebook which is quite nice for what it does. A dedicated browsing machine, fast and low maintenance. Alas, I am sometimes required to go outside, and worse yet talk to people, and even worster, show those people information. It is inconvenient to hand over my phone, no rotate it back, your other yaw, scroll a little, here, oh wait, let me unlock it again. I print such things on paper. Double alas, the chromebook makes this difficult.

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OpenBSD on HP Stream 7

Recent events have rocked the mobile computing world to its core. OpenBSD retired the zaurus port, leaving users in desperate need of a new device. And not long before that, Microsoft released the Anniversary Update to Windows 10, but with free space requirements such that it’s nigh impossible to install on cheap 32GB eMMC equipped devices such as the HP Stream series, leaving users searching for a new lightweight operating system. With necessity as both mother and father, the scene is set for a truly epic pairing. OpenBSD on the HP Stream 7.

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backlight battery indicator

The last few models of Thinkpads are sadly devoid of indicators. How do you tell if caps lock is on? Type something and see if it matches expectations. If it happens to be the lock screen, loltastic. More importantly, how do you know if AC power has accidentally been disconnected and the battery is running low? The red dot on the opposite side of the lid isn’t much use.

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computers for parents

Recently had the experience of getting new computers for my parents. The plan was to deliver a chromebook for my mother, but coincidentally the power supply or something in my father’s computer had given up. So mom would get new software and dad would get new hardware. Some observations.

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HP Chromebook 13

Finally got a chromebook. I was interested in the HP Chromebook 13 since it was first announced as a kind of cheaper Pixel. But then it spent several months on HP’s out of stock list. Now it’s back.

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openbsd laptops

OpenBSD 5.9 won’t be out for a little while, but it may be helpful to plan ahead, especially since there’s been some considerable progress on hardware support. Here are some notes about what works in general and a few particular models.

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Zenbook UX305

Another new laptop to play with, the ASUS Zenbook UX305 (or UX305F sometimes). I’m a little late to the party, these have been available for some time. Amazon had a $100 rebate off the regular price, which puts it at pretty fair price I think ($599). I was looking for a second laptop, one specifically to serve as a “second” laptop, to run Windows when I wanted, etc. My laptop lifecycle seems to involve running Windows for a bit, then eventually giving up and installing OpenBSD. I’ve spent the day playing with this thing, so here are some early thoughts. It’s not my intention to use this laptop as a primary machine (although one could), but I think I’ve gotten a feel for what it would be like. The Anand Tech review is more complete than here.

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small note about thinkpad trackpad

A few days ago, the trackpad on my T430s started acting very strangely, registering phantom taps and touches whenever my fingertip came within its proximity but without making contact. Usually observed as attempts to move the cursor turning into tap + drag operations.

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