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deconstruct conf 2018

I was at Deconstruct, a little conference. It has no sponsors, a single track, no lunch, no public schedule, and no particular focus except computering. It was quite nice. Some notes from the talks.

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turn up the hope

I’m at the HOPE XI conference. Or I was. It’s kind of overcrowded, which is both great and not so great. I haven’t been to a HOPE since The Last HOPE, but I don’t recall it being as crowded. Perhaps it was. In any case, the logistics of getting in to see each talk in person is exhausting. Some of the talks I wanted to see today are definitely the big name headliners, and I can’t imagine it will be less crowded. Better to watch online. Some thoughts on the talks I did see.

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the nether

In the future, the Internet becomes The Nether, a fully immersive virtual reality and the setting for a play by Jennifer Haley. The play alternates scenes between a real space interrogation room and flashbacks to events in the nether. A detective demands that the proprietor of a particular realm, one that specializes in adult-child relationships, reveal the location of the hosting server.

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BSDCan 2015

This weekend BSDCan 2015 was held at the University of Ottawa. I was told it was the biggest, bestest BSDCan ever. Certainly, there were a lot of talks, giving rise to a four track split. Personally, I think that may be too many. Some of the best conferences I’ve attended have been two or even one track. To the credit of the organizers though, they did a great job of splitting up talks such that I was rarely in the position of having to choose between two talks I really wanted to attend. Some talks were about new developments, which I’m interested in, some talks were about system administration issues I’d really rather not know anything about. One of the consequences of multi-tracking though is that the OpenBSD people go to the OpenBSD talks and the FreeBSD people go to the FreeBSD talks, etc., making it less of a BSD conference and more like an OpenBSD conference and a FreeBSD conference running side by side. Fewer tracks would mean more forcible cross attendance. But it’s a minor quibble. BSDCan has become a victim of its own success.

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RedSnake Philly XIII

Attended RedSnake Philly mini conference on Friday. All the talks were ten minutes, which is shorter than I expected (maybe I should have looked closer at the schedule), but meant that things really kept moving. It was a good pace, but some of the talks could have used more time. Maybe 15 minutes is about right. Anyway, it was a nice contrast from the hour long talks I’m used to.

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