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lighter laptop games

Sometimes I want to play a game. On Windows. On a laptop. That weighs three pounds. This kind of limits my options, but here’s a few games that worked out decently enough. Of course, some obvious choices like old school point and click games will run fine, but what I found is that even a number of retro pixel style games can be graphically intensive. It’s hard work looking easy.

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Mini Metro

A fun iPhone (and many more) game. Your job is to build and manage an ever growing subway system, until eventually unhappy riders revolt. The gameplay is fairly simple, with very few different types of resource to manage, but each play through is different. I’m still working out a few strategies, but just when I think I’ve nailed it, I’ll get an uncooperative map. It’s both like and unlike Flight Control. In many ways better. More variation. The intensity builds up over time, but it never demands unblinking concentration. More strategy than action. The game strikes a very good balance between abstraction and realism. Station types and passengers are just shapes like circle and square, but it’s easy to imagine them as residential and commercial districts.
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Godus review

A short review of Godus, iPad edition. It’s a modern update of Populus, one of my Super Nintendo favorites. You squish the earth around, let your idiotic worshippers build homes, and rain destruction on the blasphemous other tribe. It’s fun, especially to start, but then starts slowing down and running into some serious limitations.

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ten year reunions

The only thing better than remembering the past is reliving it.

Yellowcard released an acoustic version of Ocean Avenue last year to commemorate the ten year anniversary of the original release. Then they went on tour to promote, starting at the TLA. That was such a great idea that The Ataris launched a ten year “reunion” tour for So Long, Astoria (skipping the album part), which eventually came to TLA as well. Both shows were fun, in part for the same reason: they played the band’s breakout hit(s) in album sequence, instead of saving them for the encore. They didn’t play any new or old songs I didn’t like, or didn’t expect. Predictably enjoyable, enjoyably predictable. On a personal level, these two albums recapture the past in a way that VNV Nation albums like Futureperfect don’t. Then again, VNV Nation didn’t peak ten years ago (though Welcome the Night is great too).

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