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tweet compression

Sometimes you’ve got something really important to tweet, but it doesn’t quite fit in 140 characters. There’s several techniques that can help in this situation.

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caring less

Regarding I Could Care Less. My theory has always been that at some point, long ago, the phrase was “Like I could care less.” You still hear this variant today. It means the same thing of course, that one could not care less, but the word like makes it clear. Over time, the phrase gets used and repeated and some of the sarcastic intonation drops out, but people still know what the words, in this particular formation, mean. Then the leading word gets lost.

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the language of money

From the New Yorker, Money Talks - Learning the language of finance. For a little while I thought this article was going somewhere, but as I read more I decided I don’t like it much at all. It positions itself as piercing the veil of obscurity surrounding financial and economic jargon, but then ultimately contributes even more confusion to the field.

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better older days

Do you miss the good old days? So does the Feb 1 The Atlantic.

People used to talk to each other, now they sit alone together tweeting. Norway has fallen in love with Slow TV. Nice and slow, just the way we used to like it. Two of the best reality shows are apparently Pawn Stars and Storage Wars. They don’t make stuff like this anymore! Narratives used to be told differently, betterly. Elmore Leonard’s best TV adaptation is Justified (great show), which is pretty much a throwback dude bringing his old school Wild West justice into the modern era. Even flying used to be fun.

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While writing about sem_open, I initially used the word performant, until spell check complained. The internet confirms it’s not a real word, despite being easily understood. Suggested replacements are fast or efficient, but neither captures the entire range of meaning that performant has. One could say fast and efficient, but that sounds redundant and wordy. Why use three words when one will suffice? (I settled on efficient.)

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New Yorker, Dec 24 2012

A week late, but it’s a double issue for Dec. 31. Whew!

Zombie Art

Where does art go when it dies? Apparently, when a piece of art is considered a total loss (damaged by water/fire/shipping, but not physically eradicated), it goes into a warehouse never to be seen again, while the owner gets a check from the insurance company. There’s an exhibit of such art at Columbia, accompanied by letters describing the nature of the damage. “The box looked like it was used as an accordion.” I would have assumed that such art would then be completely destroyed by the insurance company. Unfortunately the article is rather short and doesn’t really go into much detail about who now owns the pieces.

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