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New Yorker May 16

Another “Innovators Issue”. Fell a little behind in my reading, but this is a good issue with some great pieces.

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pedobear uses a macbook

Based on the fact that Ars Technica likes to use a MacBook keyboard to illustrate many of their child porn related stories, I conclude that’s pedobear’s preferred computing device.


Don’t be a creeper: use a ThinkPad.

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Time and Esquire both went full Trump this week, with cover titles of “How Trump Won” and “Hater in Chief”, respectively. Not to mention very similar red, white, and gray color themes.

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natural grass preservatives

From Time’s surprisingly healthy snack foods list.

Is the implication that corn fed beef jerky requires artifical preservatives? What makes grass beef so naturally resistant to spoiling?

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on the power of proprietary information

Lots of great articles in the October 13, 2014 New Yorker, all connected by the common theme of knowledge is power. Who knows what and when gives one a considerable edge. Nothing surprising, but reading about it from several perspectives reveals just how true the old saying is.

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the language of money

From the New Yorker, Money Talks - Learning the language of finance. For a little while I thought this article was going somewhere, but as I read more I decided I don’t like it much at all. It positions itself as piercing the veil of obscurity surrounding financial and economic jargon, but then ultimately contributes even more confusion to the field.

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disrupting innovation theory

Some thoughts on The Disruption Machine. I only just read it, but apparently I’m late to the party. I can’t help but think it’s funny that writing up a review of an article three days before it’s publication counts as too late. (I think it arrived on Wednesday, I read it yesterday at lunch, and today I’m writing. I apologize for my tardiness.)

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The last two issues of The New Yorker had a great series of articles on aspects of human culture. Stepping back and looking at ourselves as aliens, it can be hard to comprehend all the “others”.

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better older days

Do you miss the good old days? So does the Feb 1 The Atlantic.

People used to talk to each other, now they sit alone together tweeting. Norway has fallen in love with Slow TV. Nice and slow, just the way we used to like it. Two of the best reality shows are apparently Pawn Stars and Storage Wars. They don’t make stuff like this anymore! Narratives used to be told differently, betterly. Elmore Leonard’s best TV adaptation is Justified (great show), which is pretty much a throwback dude bringing his old school Wild West justice into the modern era. Even flying used to be fun.

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gluten free math puzzle

Quoting from Celiac Power, “They tested the blood for gluten antibodies, expecting to see the current 1 percent rate of disease. Instead, only 0.002 percent of the airmen tested positive. Further tests showed today’s young men were 41/2 times more likely to have the illness.”

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how to change the world. sorta.

There’s an article Change the World in the May 27th New Yorker. (Two kids with weird looking lollipops or something on the cover.) Covers the intersection and interaction between Silicon Valley and the world of politics. It’s an awesome article because it confirms all my opinions of the Web 2.0 tech scene. Worth reading the whole thing online, but here’s some highlights and scattered thoughts of my own.

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New Yorker, May 20 2013

This was a great issue with more than a few worthy articles. A strong technology focus (apparently the “Innovators Issue”). Gears and conveyor belts and falling apples on the cover.

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two captions one graphic

Today’s entrant for worst infographic comes to us courtesy of Esquire, April issue (Robert Redford cover), from a fluff piece about the TV show Mad Men.

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