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OtherLife review

Memories are nothing but chemicals. At that level, there’s no difference between a real and a fake memory, so if we have the appropriate nanotech, we can write some code to create memories, virtual experiences indistinguishable from those taking place in reality. Such is the concept of OtherLife. The movie’s titular company plans to sell vacation memories, allowing users to experience a day’s worth of snowboarding in less than a minute of real time. Why not take a vacation every day before going to work, arriving fresh and relaxed?

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stuck in a time loop

Of course I realize we’re stuck in a time loop. I’m not an idiot. Actually, a character on The Magicians says something similar, though with a bit more resignation, as he’s not powerful enough to change anything. The inevitability of the future, or the past, or whatever, is a recurring theme in time travel movies. Except when the theme is that things aren’t inevitable.

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Lo and Behold

Werner Herzog reflects on the reveries of the connected world. There’s a lot of short sequences here, but not much tying it together.

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who hacked madam?

The second season of Madam Secretary devotes several episodes to the hacking of the flight controls on Air Force One and the ensuing cyberwar. It’s fiction because nobody in real life is hot as Téa Leoni. Therefore it is totally unrelated to current events.

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An amazing show. Sat down to watch one episode of Humans and watched the entire season in one six hour sitting.

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the nether

In the future, the Internet becomes The Nether, a fully immersive virtual reality and the setting for a play by Jennifer Haley. The play alternates scenes between a real space interrogation room and flashbacks to events in the nether. A detective demands that the proprietor of a particular realm, one that specializes in adult-child relationships, reveal the location of the hosting server.

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german hacking movies

One of the perks of flying Lufthansa even when not traveling to Germany is their extensive catalog of German hacking movies. Well, maybe not extensive, but since there always seems to be a new one and the availability of these movies off plane is about nil, I consider it pretty extensive. Infinitely more than Netflix.

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hot girls wanted

The Netflix blurb for Hot Girls Wanted promised to spotlight the amateur porn industry and the women it exploits. I was expecting something along the lines of a traditional documentary; lots of interviews, investigative reporting, some slide shows. Instead, it’s more Real World style, with a camera crew following a group of women around and observing their lives. There are some fact slides presented during scene transitions, but for the most part very little of what happens is deliberately directed at the viewer.

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Alpha House

As more or less direct competition for Netflix’s House of Cards, Amazon has Alpha House. It’s a comedy, but still manages to capture a lot of what’s wrong with modern politicking. Gary Trudeau’s involvement helps. It may even be a more accurate portrayal in some ways, because it’s not laser focused on power and corruption. The light hearted approach leaves room for some less diabolical absurdity.

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the future sure is bleak

Watched two movies.

Automata. Starring Antonio Banderas. This starts out like some of the best Asimov robot short stories, especially Little Lost Robot. The earth is a desiccated, irradiated husk but slowly being rebuilt by robots with two Protocols. One says no harming humans. The other says no self modification. Antonio is tasked with tracking down the origins of a group of robots that apparently can modify themselves. Then the story gets sidetracked quite a bit. The evil Robo Corp henchmen decide Antonio must be in on the trouble and are sent out to get him. So much trouble could have been averted if they had even once asked him what was happening, but no. Shoot first, ask questions later. Turns a rather good mystery thriller into a boring bang bang western.

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Space Pirate Captain Harlock

A two hour long Final Fantasy (X, XII, XIII) cutscene, but uninterrupted by the need for level grinding. All the major motifs are present: good but actually evil churches that are actually governments, coverups and double crosses, dead but not dead people, ancient technology, preposterously ineffective battle tactics, collect all the MacGuffins quest, family squabbles, life in the shadow of the great war of the before times.
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Los Últimos Días

In Los Últimos Días, English title The Last Days, an extreme agoraphobia pandemic has swept the planet. Nobody can go outside without experiencing a fatal seizure. The movie doesn’t spend any time trying to explain the cause (which is good; better than a terrible explanation), but the Panic, as it is known, starts with a few cases and then affects more people over time until eventually everybody is trapped in whatever building they were last in. This sets us up for a story in a post apocalyptic world that’s a little different than the typical zombie virus plague outbreak.

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Watched Snowpiercer. Some parts were good, some parts were bad, but the whole is sadly no better than the worst parts. The abstract concept of all of humanity being stuck in one metal can is great, but this implementation is a failure. (Haven’t read the comic.)

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the good bitwife

Just watched the season 3 episode of The Good Wife, “Bitcoin for Dummies”. For an episode that aired more than two years ago, that’s pretty edgy, especially considering what I assume to be the show’s target audience. It’s fictionalized, but it does a pretty good job of depicting Bitcoin accurately. Unlike another show that simply namedropped Bitcoin to prove it was the future, the episode actually spent considerable time explaining and incorporating Bitcoin into the plot. There’s talk of the exchange rate, the crash, mining, hoarding, etc. All the more remarkable for airing in January 2012.

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unhappy computer people

Was compelled to see Transcendence, which I knew I would regret. I wish I could quip that it was better when the computer was in Johnny’s head instead of Johnny’s head being in the computer, but then I realized Depp didn’t play Johnny Mnemonic.

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ten year reunions

The only thing better than remembering the past is reliving it.

Yellowcard released an acoustic version of Ocean Avenue last year to commemorate the ten year anniversary of the original release. Then they went on tour to promote, starting at the TLA. That was such a great idea that The Ataris launched a ten year “reunion” tour for So Long, Astoria (skipping the album part), which eventually came to TLA as well. Both shows were fun, in part for the same reason: they played the band’s breakout hit(s) in album sequence, instead of saving them for the encore. They didn’t play any new or old songs I didn’t like, or didn’t expect. Predictably enjoyable, enjoyably predictable. On a personal level, these two albums recapture the past in a way that VNV Nation albums like Futureperfect don’t. Then again, VNV Nation didn’t peak ten years ago (though Welcome the Night is great too).

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The movie’s premise is that in the near future people will pay money to be infected with viruses from celebrities. “From their body to yours.” You can tell it’s the near future because it looks like today except everything is white. The movie starts off as a possible parody commentary on the cult of celebrity and famous for being famous, but then integrates an actual plotline and turns into a corporate espionage thriller. There’s also some cool ideas about copy protection. Well produced, scripted, and paced. Keeps the overt messaging to a minimum while still being thought provoking. And not just entertaining, but educational. I learned that multicolored tulip flowers are the result of infection with a plant virus.
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