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pedobear uses a macbook

Based on the fact that Ars Technica likes to use a MacBook keyboard to illustrate many of their child porn related stories, I conclude that’s pedobear’s preferred computing device.


Don’t be a creeper: use a ThinkPad.

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pinboard tips for web design

A few funnies sprinkled with a bit of insight and disappointment. And regret.

It’s 2015. Your team has to wake up determined and put in one hell of a work week to get web pages to render slowly. And yet so many succeed. tweet.

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help wan

A reminder to leave the artisanal kerning to the professionals.

Help Wan Ted

Who’s Wan?

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natural grass preservatives

From Time’s surprisingly healthy snack foods list.

Is the implication that corn fed beef jerky requires artifical preservatives? What makes grass beef so naturally resistant to spoiling?

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funding topologies

“Startup culture starting to resemble a pyramid that has folded in on itself, exploring funding topologies Ponzi never dreamed of” - Pinboard

Funding topology is definitely a subject worthy of further research.

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are you the one who’s watching me?

Walked by an old man on the street who repeatedly asked me, “Are you the one who’s watching me?” I tried to deny it, but he didn’t believe my lies! Was briefly tempted to tell him, “We’re all watching you,” but he was clearly operating marble free and already seemed to have that impression. A strange encounter.
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Achtung! Die Verbindung ist unverschlüsselt

Basically: the network is insecure; the bad guys can steal your Facebook login; check that you are using HTTPS. I’ve never seen a wifi warning this clear and direct before. Bonus points for mentioning that smartphone apps are a particular weakness.


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disrupting innovation theory

Some thoughts on The Disruption Machine. I only just read it, but apparently I’m late to the party. I can’t help but think it’s funny that writing up a review of an article three days before it’s publication counts as too late. (I think it arrived on Wednesday, I read it yesterday at lunch, and today I’m writing. I apologize for my tardiness.)

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please do not poke the bears

“Instead, he seems to have seized an opportunity to poke a giant bear with a stick. The bear then ate him and his users.” - tptacek

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i disregard your request

I hate Sprint with the burning fury of a thousand suns, but I have to admit their latest ad series featuring James Earl Jones and Malcolm McDowell is fantastic. My favorite is Steve’s Facebook Post.

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Snowden changed everything

“Occam’s Razor is pre-Snowden thinking. Like 9/11, Snowden changed everything.” - tptacek

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Amdahl’s bugs

Quote from a friend who develops mobile apps: “Amdahl’s law generalizes nicely outside of performance gains to mobile software platforms. Once you’ve fixed all the bugs that are fixable, all you are left with are the fundamental limits of the platform, which users don’t understand.” (And he’s not even talking about iPhone.) Mobile platforms are certainly the most common situation where the same app running on two different phones will have different features, but I’d say it even generalizes to all software.
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