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strict structs

Contrary to popular belief, C does have types. It even has type qualifiers. Unfortunately, the selection is somewhat limited and there are several implicit conversions that may lead to less than robust code. The good news is that with a little effort we can define our own types and enforce our own rules. I’ve forgotten where I first saw this, and don’t really have a good name for it.

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tell your kids about css overflow-wrap

You have a blog. You write stuff. This is all good.

But it’s a technical blog. And so you write articles that include code or URLs or auth tokens or hex coded hashes or other horrors like AbstractImplementationOfBorrowCheckerFactoryPatternMatcher which results in words of unusual size. And this being important technical content, it’s styled as whitespace preserving per the fashion of our times.

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zeno scrolling

Zeno scrolling requires javascript.

Everybody loves infinite scrolling.

Which is to say everybody hates it, but we love to use it anyway.

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deconstruct conf 2018

I was at Deconstruct, a little conference. It has no sponsors, a single track, no lunch, no public schedule, and no particular focus except computering. It was quite nice. Some notes from the talks.

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comparative truthiness

When comparing two things, it’s easy to make a claim relating them. This one is longer. This one is stronger. This one is older. This one is bolder. (This one sounds like Dr. Seuss.)

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easy gopher-lua bridge

I have some go code that I’d like to be a little more flexible at runtime. Like a config file, but maybe with some conditional logic based on string matching. If this sounds like a proxy deciding which filtering functions to apply based on URL, that’s a good guess.

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OtherLife review

Memories are nothing but chemicals. At that level, there’s no difference between a real and a fake memory, so if we have the appropriate nanotech, we can write some code to create memories, virtual experiences indistinguishable from those taking place in reality. Such is the concept of OtherLife. The movie’s titular company plans to sell vacation memories, allowing users to experience a day’s worth of snowboarding in less than a minute of real time. Why not take a vacation every day before going to work, arriving fresh and relaxed?

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books chapter sixteen



We’re out of coders, but wait, there’s one more! Seibel interviewed Hal Abelson for his magazine. Hal is the coauthor of Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs and developed the MIT course 6.001. Hal started off programming what may have been an IBM 709. It had paper tape. He went to MIT for a PhD in math, and two weeks after he arrived he went to the president’s office, occupied by the Students for a Democratic Society, and asked one of the people on the floor where to get a job. They recommended the Artificial Intelligence Laboratory.

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